The National Party holds the Keys to the Survival of Australia’s Constitutional Democracy


The National Party holds the Keys to the Survival of Australia’s Constitutional Democracy

I have just read that the Nationals are going to renegotiate the Coalition Agreement. (Party president Larry Anthony said there would be a renegotiation of the Coalition agreement after the New England by-election on December 2. Today’s Australian)

I believe that Turnbull has trampled on that agreement especially regarding the issue of ‘same sex marriage’.

In the light of the High Court's recent judgement regarding ‘section44.  Disqualification, (i) dual citizenship’, – a judgement which showed 'intense respect for the plain words and original meaning of section 44 i,' as Chris Merritt wrote in his comment piece 'This act of vandalism needed stopping' (Australian 28-29 October 2017), it is more than ironic that this Principle of 'Literal Interpretation' has not been consistently applied by the High Court Judges.

Tony Abbott's appeal to the High Court regarding the ACT's 'same sex marriages' was upheld by a 'Literal Interpretation' of 'section 109, Inconsistency of Laws', but the Judges then examined 'section 51 xxi Marriage' and used an inconsistent approach by applying the 'Principle of Dynamic Interpretation' to impose their opinion that Marriage can mean whatever you want it to mean, when they knew that no dictionary in 1900, when the Constitution was passed, ever countenanced anything other than a man-woman relationship. In fact, same-sex relationships were a criminal offence in NSW until 1984, when Premier Neville Wran (Labor) 'decriminalised' such activity.

Why hasn't a 'ludicrously high powered legal team' (Merritt) been organised to appeal that High Court pronouncement on the basis that it was a decision that was not based on 'plain meaning of the original words'. As such Parliament has no power to enact SSM legislation unless there is a Referendum with the exact changes to 51 xxi proposed for the Constitution.

The National Party intuitively knew this High Court decision was flawed, and demanded a Plebiscite, but was intimidated by Turnbull into accepting a deeply flawed 'voluntary postal survey'. It is now apparent that the National Party have suffered for failing to stand up for the Truth, with their Leader being put on the alter of the High Court, to establish the righteous principle of 'Literal Interpretation' of our Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900.

Barnaby Joyce now has the opportunity to make amends to Nationals voters by demanding that his recently floated 'omnibus' Referendum at the next election include the proposed changes to the definition of Marriage under section 51 xxi Marriage.

And nothing further should be done re ssm until the REFERENDUM. And stop the misnamed SAFE SCHOOLS perverte